Cracking An Egg 30 Metres Underwater While Diving

I bet you’ve always wanted to know what happens when you crack an egg 30 metres (105ft) under? Well brace yourself because you’re about to find out, and the result just might crack your expectations…
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10 Jaw Dropping Photos of Diving with Whales

One Source: Yulie Ortega via Pinterest via Metro   Two Source: Edith Chan via Pinterest via Tumblr     Three Source: Susan Zupan via Pinterest via The Meta Picture Four Source:¬†Sabry Mason (Photographer) via Dorwina…
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10 Dive Selfies That Force You To Up Your Selfie Game

Selfie aficionado or not, there’s something fascinating about photographing yourself in unique situations. Getting yourself into an image is additional proof that you were there, whether it is needed or not. When diving we get…
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