Wednesday, 20th March, 2019



Do you have a passion for scuba diving and are looking for personable reviews, inspiration and visuals?

Always Bubbles is a niche travel blog which specializes in scuba diving experiences all around the world.

We’ll also occasionally feature:

  • Snorkeling Experiences: Sometimes snorkeling is the more appropriate option (with whales, orcas and whale sharks) when diving with these creatures isn’t always allowed. Other times the snorkeling is just as comparable as the diving (Galapagos, Kaikoura etc) so we’ll cover it as well.
  • Other Activities That Are Part Of A Diving Trip: We’ll occasionally cover sailing trips or day tours that involve both diving and non diving activities solely to give you the entire picture of the trip.

Apart from that you can expect dive inspiration, reviews on companies, equipment reviews and dive locations.

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