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Five Amazing Wreck Dives Around The World

Have you caught wreck diving fever? Regardless if you have your wreck diver specialty certification or  your after an exterior wreck dive, we have you cover for wreck dive inspiration with five amazing wreck dives…
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7 Giant Creatures You Must Dive With In Your Lifetime

The types of dives you can do as an certified diver are diverse and exciting in many different ways. Diving with nature’s giants however can bring forth an adrenalin not found on your average run-of-the-mill dive…
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10 Jaw Dropping Photos of Diving with Whales

One Source: Yulie Ortega via Pinterest via Metro   Two Source: Edith Chan via Pinterest via Tumblr     Three Source: Susan Zupan via Pinterest via The Meta Picture Four Source: Sabry Mason (Photographer) via Dorwina…
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